Redundant mums

Whether Christian or not, it seems typical that mothers need to justify their existence with what they are doing beyond motherhood. Paid work, study, formal ministry schedule. We have trouble imagining how we might be productive “at home”, especially when children grow out of their highly dependent early years.

I really appreciate my dear friend, Lauren’s, thoughts about her new stage of life, as her final child gets bigger. A particular point stood out,

“I find there is a certain loneliness. With fewer women having the option to stay at home, or fewer choosing to even when they do, there are reduced opportunities for overlap. My life will move away from the young family into the older family stage. I will be spending more and more time co ordinating with families where the mother has returned to work, I will continue to feel embarrassed at my freedom.
Where does this leave me in terms of Christian wisdom and freedom. How do I make choices that honour God and are serving others. How do I put aside my pride and enjoy the opportunity I have rather than worrying or grumbling about the opportunities I don’t have. How do I keep being reminded of my life being hidden in Christ. Putting my own self aside and living for God’s glory and not my own. How do I seek Gods permanent and satisfying comfort at this time instead of chasing after the fleeting and seductive comfort of the world.
I will be praying about these things each feed from now until redundancy.

You can read the whole post here. It is not the situation I am in yet, but I feel the rumblings of it already.

I can imagine that the loneliness of diverging from peers can open up opportunities to serve people who are different. This is so beautifully biblical. Older women, younger women, the socially vulnerable. I can’t wait to see how God uses your “redundancy”, Lauren! Thanks for sharing it with us.