Colossians with kids

For years now, I’ve had a morning tea and Bible time tradition with my children. It’s very basic. We’ve recently finished Genesis 1-12 which has helped us think and talk about God, humanity and the world.  A lot of ethical questions came up, especially about the value of all human beings (there’s another post in that!). It is wonderful to be taking the kids through the narrative and to see their whole world view taking shape.

Now we are reading Colossians. I chose it because:

  • I have been reading Colossians on my own and been amazed all over again.
  • Colossians takes us back to Creation and tells us where Jesus fits in, so it is an essential sequel to Genesis.
  • I want to think more deeply on a single book of the Bible. To talk about something simply, we need to understand that thing really well.
  • I really want the children to see how excellent Jesus is and the way he changes people.

I am aware that our kids often hear the bits of the Bible which come in story form (narrative), but often miss out on the other large parts of the Bible which are not written in a story. We’ll take it in small steps and see how we go.