Collecting boys!


In recent weeks we have been getting to know another son. He is lovely and a joy to all of us. His six year old sister is having trouble working out “who to adore the most” among her brothers (particularly the smallest ones!).

He was born at home, in the middle of the night, with his siblings hanging over the side of the bath to welcome him. This is the first birth where we have had children present and it was surprisingly calm and helpful. I wandered out of the bathroom in between contractions to see the eight year old reading in a whisper to the six year old and three year old. It warmed me to watch something so precious outside the pain I was meandering through. It has been a very special family experience. We are very grateful to have the option of an excellent (and free!) home midwifery service in our area.
Collecting boys!
We had a restful first week at home. Then, the baby boy needed to go to hospital to be on IV antibiotics for five days. Nothing to do with a home birth, by the way! We are home again now, thanking God for his provision of science and medicine and competent help. Without the study, work and discoveries across the centuries our week could have ended very differently. What kindness that God has created a world which can be observed and studied.
It has been a time to remember that God is always free to do things his own way, and he is always good, even when he is not doing what we want. This reality has made it a far more restful week than it would otherwise have been. We’re praying that our little boy grows into this rest and enjoys it forever through Jesus.