Choosing A Baby Carrier for Petite Moms

Baby Carrier for Petite Moms

Babies look tiny and light, but you will be extremely tired if you have to hold your baby all day. It strains a lot, especially for short mothers with slight shapes. So how can petite moms keep babies all day without having back pain? Thus a baby carrier is a perfect solution for petite moms. Using the best baby carrier for petite moms that suits you will be safe for you. But determining which baby carrier for petite moms is good to buy is difficult.

A baby carrier helps support your baby, helping you free hands to do other things besides holding your baby. Besides, when using a sling, you will be easier to move than bulky strollers. Many parents feel very confused about which carrier to choose and which makes them comfortable.

A baby carrier is the best option for heavy babies or parents with back pain problems. Cloth carriers can make babies feel comfortable, but they don’t have seat belts. If you use a cloth sling, make sure your baby is facing outside and not slipping off.

Do not sling your baby in the back until 1 year of age. Most manufacturers specify the weight for each baby on each product. You can follow the instructions given in the user manual to ensure the safety of your baby.

Baby Carrier for Petite Moms

Fabric material

Manufacturers make baby carriers of different fabrics. The most popular fabrics include cotton and polyester. They make some baby carriers of organic cloth. When looking for a baby carrier, look for washable and fire-resistant fabrics. Also, look for a carrier that has allergy protection. This will help a lot for babies with sensitive skin.

Head support

The neck of a newborn is very soft and cannot support the baby’s head. If you are planning to buy a baby carrier, it is important to choose a carrier that supports the head to better support your baby.

Body support

On the market, there are many types of carriers designed with belts to support the baby’s body. You can buy this sling easily at supermarkets.

Padded strap

Choose a carrier for which your baby has a padded strap. The shoulder straps for a baby carrier must be strong enough to support the weight of the baby. The padded shoulder strap will bring more comfort to the baby carrier and safety for the baby.

Safety belt

Choose a carrier that has a sophisticated lock design. It should be difficult to open for babies. This is necessary for your baby’s safety. There are vents. Baby carriers can make babies hot. The vents will keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Easy to clean

Most types of baby carriers are washable. However, some types are washable or dried only. So, choose the type that you feel is most convenient.

Also, the baby carrier in the front is the best option for heavier babies and parents with back pain. Choose a suitable baby carrier and ensure all the above features to make your baby always safe and comfortable.

Uses of baby carrier for petite moms

It sounds strange and familiar. This is a baby care item that has been around for quite some time. The manufacturers make the carrier from fabric and have a belt design similar to a backpack. Using a sling is to support parents to carry their babies with them for convenient care. Sometimes, a sling is a more convenient option than a bulky stroller. So what are the criteria to choose a suitable baby carrier? We learn some pros and cons to find easily, which is suitable for parents and babies.

The advantages of a baby carrier

  • Convenient to take care of the baby, can both work and look after the baby.
  • Easy and comfortable for holding your baby when going out.
  • A baby carrier will be convenient for the mother, bringing a sense of closeness and warmth to the baby.
  • A baby carrier can help babies grow better because they always listen to mothers.
  • Designed sling for a baby is smart and convenient to help your baby avoid the outside effects.

However, if you choose an inappropriate carrier and misuse, it can cause a lot of impact on the baby. Choosing to buy a good carrier in the way you use it properly or not, it is safe for your baby.

Disadvantages when choosing the wrong product

  • If you use the sling for a long time, it will reduce the baby’s ability to move.
  • Choosing products made from poor quality and not breathable fabric will affect the baby’s back and anus.
  • Therefore, mothers need to be smart to give your baby a safe and best choice.

Baby Carrier for Petite Moms

How to choose the best baby carrier?

Based on age

For babies from 4 to 6 months of age, the skeletal system is underdeveloped. Parents should choose products made from soft fabric, with a firm and safe locks to support them. Ensure its safe and won’t hurt the baby. Especially the neck and head of the baby.

For baby 6 months of age and older, the bones have gradually strengthened. Depending on the age of your baby several options fit your baby like backpacks and sling. This will help your baby gradually adapt to the position of lying, sitting, standing great for later baby walkers.

Based on height and weight

“Any baby of that size,” depending on the baby’s weight and height, the mother chooses the type for her baby. If the baby carrier is small compared to the baby, it can cause the baby to fall out. But if it’s too big, the cloth of the carrier can cover the nose and mouth. It can easily suffocate the baby.

If the parents choose a baby carrier that is not suitable for their height and the weight it will affect the bones and spine of the baby.

Based on the design

Manufacturers design the sling in such a way that the bottom of the carrier must have a net. The two sides will have sturdy straps to ensure the baby does not slip or fall out. We must balance the straps to keep the baby in a balanced position. The mother will also feel more comfortable.

On the market, there are many types of carriers. Parents pay attention to choose the type that suits your baby’s age, height, and weight. Besides, pay attention to the material of a carrier. Cotton fabric not only helps create a soft, breathable but also helps parents easily clean the product during use.

Instructions for safe use of baby carrier

Note to parent

  • When placing the baby in a sling, it is best to rest firmly on the mother. Avoid covering the face or lying too low in the carrier will make it difficult for the baby to breathe.
  • Do not let your baby in a crouched posture, chin close to the chest. It will make the baby’s airways blocked. The space from the chest to the neck of the baby must be about one finger long.
  • When using a sling for babies, mothers should hug the baby close. Regularly check the baby’s position. If the baby feels uncomfortable or upset, remove the baby from the sling.
  • Need to tighten belt moderately. If wide, the baby easily falls. The posture of affecting the spine is too tight, making the baby hot and breathless.
  • Check the temperature in the carrier every 15 – 30 minutes to avoid the baby hot in the carrier.
  • Do not use the sling for too long, about 2 hours or fewer is the most reasonable.

Hopefully, the article has provided you with a lot of useful information. Hope you can choose the most suitable baby carrier!